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iTooGz, the iPhone version of TooGz, displays on a map the events happening around you.

iTooGz manages many types of events:
* Art exhibitions,
* Flea Markets,
* Related to the movies, such as short films,
* Clubbing, Evening,
* Gourmet, tastings,
* Celebration and traditional festivals,
* Aimed at young audiences,
* Related to fashion parades or private sales,
* Music Concerts,
* Meetings, visits, conferences,
* Sports,
* Theater performances.

Events are taken from that you can feed!

By logging on TooGz, you can broadcast events, making them visible on different media: web, mobile, iphone ... and exchange all types of media made their opportunity.

For now, TooGz only works in France but if you are interested in giving us an event's stream, feel free to contact us.

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